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NRW Young Scientist Award

The NRW Research Schools were founded as an initiative of the German federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). International networks of renowned scientists, world leading supervisors and excellent scientific environments – the NRW Research Schools provide a forum for PhD candidates with superior academic track records.

The International NRW Research Schools in Germany awarded prizes of € 1,500 to ten young scientists for the most outstanding research work in: 


    • Applied Informatics (Applied Information Technology/Media and Life Science Informatics/Data Mining and Security)
    • Biotech-Pharma (Drug research, Stem Cells, Nanomedicine, Biotechnology)
    • Cell Dynamics and Disease (Biomedicine, Molecules and Cells)
    • Chemical Biology (Chemical Biology, Lipids, Metabolism, Immunology)
    • Chemistry (Molecular Sciences and Solid State Materials)
    • Dynamic Intelligent Systems (Computer Science and Embedded Systems)
    • Economics and Management (Micro-, Macroeconomics,  Econometrics and Management)
    • Energy Generation (Engine Development Process, Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Conversion of Biomass to Fuel)
    • From Embryo to Old Age (Molecular and Cell Biology, Development and Evolution)
    • Neuroscience (Molecular, Developmental, Systems, Cognitive, Clinical, Computational)
    • Structural Biology (Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, Biophysics, Biotechnology)

     With funding from

    Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research 
    of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia

    The University for the Information Society