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Crowdworking Symposium 2020

The 2nd Crowdworking Symposium took place as a hybrid event at the University of Paderborn and online, on October 8-9, 2020. It provided an international and interdisciplinary forum for research on the emerging fields of crowdsourcing, crowd work, cloud work, gig work, online freelancing, and other forms of on-demand labor.

Researchers in various fields including economics, business administration, human resource management, information systems, computer science, sociology, psychology, innovation and law participated in the Symposium. Participants from 10 different countries presented and discussed their most recent research results. Presentations emphasized the variety of forms of platform work, its opportunities and risks as well as the effects on the crowd workers.

The Crowdworking Symposium was hosted by the Research Program Digital Future - a joint project of the Universities of Bielefeld and Paderborn. It was co-organized by the DFG funded research project "Crowdsourcing as a new form of organizing labor relations: regulatory requirements and welfare effects“ of the University of Bremen. Due to the corona pandemic only few participants met in person in Paderborn. The Symposium provided a positive experience that a successful scientific exchange can happen online.

Six videos show impressions of the Symposium and interviews with experts about Crowdworking. A news article in German was published as well.

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