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Complementary Leadership Training For Doctoral Students

Success in both academia and industry is dependent on more than just expertise in your chosen discipline.  Nowadays all employers expect to hire professionals who are not just technical experts, but are also managers with superior communication skills, able to work across cultures.  Skills such as decision making and marketing your project can be learned and trained.  It is for students who are aware of these challenges beyond their immediate discipline that we offer the following workshops.
The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics, RWI Essen and the Paderborn Center for Advanced Studies (PACE), have pooled their resources again for 2017, to offer you a unique and diverse “soft” skill training program.  Each training has a limited number of places available with an equal number of slots for each Graduate School, so be sure to apply early to the address given below.  All participants receive a certificate for a successfully completed workshop.

Preliminary Complementary Skills Program 2018

Please check back here frequently for updates.

TrainingTrainerLocationDaysDateSign up withDeadline
Design Thinking Workshop: Soziale Innovation
in Cooperation with the Hans-Böckler-StiftungPaderborn129.01.2018Astrid Canisius15.01.2018
Kooperation und Konfrontation*
Location in Hamm: Hotel Mercure
Michaela HornbostelHamm219.04.2018
(no overnight stay)
Astrid Canisius20.03.2018
Presentations in English: Presentation Training with Emphasis on using English as a Foreign Language
Location in Hamm: Hotel Mercure
Marcin CichockiHamm2April 2018
(no overnight stay)
Helge Braunt.b.a
Rhetorik und freie Rede*
Location in Hamm: Hotel Mercure
Michaela HornbostelHamm122.06.2018Astrid Canisius30.05.2018
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge halten*
Location in Hamm: Hotel Mercure
Michaela HornbostelHamm118.09.2018Astrid Canisius10.08.2018
Voice Training
Location in Hamm: Hotel Mercure
Reinhard PedeHamm1October/November 2018Helge Braunt.b.a.
*Only given in German.

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