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Scientific Writing


– To provide natural scientists with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in writing professional and successful research articles.

MODULES (within 2 days)

A) How to write a scientific text (thesis, manuscript, grant application)
   a. Focusing on your central message, identifying a good title
   b. Writing a focused abstract / summary
   c. How to draft an outline, developing an effective first draft
   d. Writing an introduction
   e. Writing the results, the discussion section, materials and methods
   f. Writing a conclusion
   g. Informative tables and figures
   h. Use of numbers and statistics
   i. Selecting a journal for publishing, journal/grant submission checklist
B) How do I read and manage literature? Suggestions from professionals.
C) Real life examples of how to / how not to
   j. improving a text, improving a figure, improving a table

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