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Voice Training

First impressions count. In this training session, you will learn how to prepare yourself well for your speech in public and how a good manner of speaking – particularly good articulation – leads to clear powers of expression and makes a sonorous impression (how to acoustically reach your audience/listener and save your strength at the same time). 

You will also learn how to develop an anti-stress program for your daily routine and also when you speak in public. You will learn how you get back to your natural breathing and relax automatically, how posture and tension influence voices, how you can actively relieve stress and become more self-confident and relaxed.  Voices can convey security and reliability; you will learn to find your personal register; to have a powerful voice by using its resonance and not its strength and how to create an atmosphere full of trust with your voice (thereby conveying security).

You will learn to use eye-contact to with your audience and to adapt the volume you speak with.  You will learn how to consciously handle your body language to show your competence: how your body language enhances the convincing effect of your speech, how to overcome your insecurity while speaking and negotiating, how the congruence between your words, gestures and facial play can increase your credibility.
Finally, you can see the effect you have on others with the help of video/audio feedback.

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