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Graduate Lectures - CeOPP RTG

Graduate Lectures on Optoelectronics and Photonics

Program Winter Term 2016/2017


Date: Wednesday, 4:15 p. m.

Room of the Seminar: Lecture Hall A1

(LV 061150)

DateFundamen-tals (F) / Seminar (S)LecturerSubject
19.10.16 SDr. Pongthep Prajongtat,  Kasetsart University Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications
26.10.16F(I.4) H. Kitzerow Microscopy, spectroscopy and nano-optics: Polarizing Microscopy
02.11.16SDidactics of Physics Team   
(David Woitkowski et al.)
Ich muss lehren... aber wie? Hinweise und Konzepte zur Gestaltung von Übungen in Physik
And now I have to teach ... but how? Tips and concepts for tutorials in physics
09.11.16F(I.4)J. LindnerMicroscopy, spectroscopy and nano-optics: Transmission Electron Microscopy 
16.11.16SProf. Liana Lucchetti, Università Politecnica delle Marche, AnconaLight-induced effects in liquid crystals:   
Latest achievements
23.11.16F(I.4)A. ZrennerMicroscopy, spectroscopy and nano-optics
  30.11.16Optics and Photonics Celebration
10 Years CeOPP,                        
9 Years Graduate Program
Ceremony – Prof. Shuji Nakamura (UCSB):    
“The invention of high efficient blue LEDs and future solid state lighting"
07.12.16S Dr. Isabelle Staude, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Mie-resonant dielectric nanostructures as a platform for functional nanophotonics
14.12.16 F(II.4)Dr. Polina SharapovaMicroscopic modelling
11.01.17 F(II.4) E. Rauls Microscopic modelling
18.01.17SProf. Vahid Sandoghdar,       
MPI for the Physics of Light, Erlangen
 Nano-Quantum Optics with Organic Molecules: from single photons to cooperative effects
25.01.17 F(II.4)S. SchumacherMicroscopic modelling
01.02.17 Harald Bock,   
CRPP Bordeaux
Formation of Fully Conjugated Macrocycles by Perkin Reactions - Towards Graphene Nanobelts
08.02.17 F(II.4)T. MeierMicroscopic modelling

sgd. H. Kitzerow

Graduate lectures in previous semesters:

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