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Research Training Group 1464

Project domain A: Periodic structures

(Photonic crystals, Metamaterials, Periodically poled lithium niobate)
A1not continued
A2Synthesis and patterning of tailored silver-nanoparticles Huber, Greulich-Weber, Lindner(1)
A3Lyotropic liquid crystalline templates for synthesis of metallic nano-particles Schmidt, Huber
A4Micro-structured glass fibers with liquid crystalsKitzerow, Silberhorn
A5Gyrotropic metamaterialsGreulich-Weber, Lindner
A6not continued
A7Entangled photon-pairs for applications in quantum communicationsSilberhorn, Zrenner
A8Optical properties of self-organized plasmonic nanostructuresZentgraf, Förstner(1), T. Meier

Project domain B: Microresonators

(Emitters in micro- and nanostructures)
B1Single photon sources – Integration of cubic GaN quantum dots in microresonatorsAs, Zrenner, C. Meier
B2Experimentally and numerically calculated conduction- and valence band offsets in cubic group III-nitrides and intersubband devices Rauls, As
B3Waveguide-coupled Er-doped SiOxNy micro-resonators and simulation of variable coupled wavegiude-resonator-systems integrated on Si Hilleringmann, Zrenner
B4Organic display-systemsKitzerow, Hilleringmann
B5Tunable microresonators from inorganic semiconductors in organic environmentsC. Meier, Kitzerow, Schumacher
B6Electrically contacted membrane-microresonators with quantum emittersZrenner, T. Meier


TOptical properties of nano-structures calculated by atomistic and microscopic quantum theory and electromagnetic field-simulationsT. Meier, Förstner(1), Rauls, Schumacher
(1)Associated scienists

The University for the Information Society