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NRW Forschungskolleg: Gestaltung von flexiblen Arbeitswelten
(Arbeit 4.0)
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T2 - Human-centered Cyber-Physical Devices

T2.1 Learning Assitance Systems

With the digitalization of the direct and indirect working environment, complex information situations and new process sequences are created that are rapidly no longer comprehensible to the human user of a technical system.
Intelligent assistance systems can assist to filter relevant information, to communicate or to explain it in an understandable way and to support human decision-making processes cooperatively.
To this end, methods of human-centered design of such assistance systems are to be investigated, which allow a learning-based adaptation of assistance to the specific users and the respective work contexts. As a basis for this, a cognitive user model ("cognitive digital twin") shall be developed, which enables the individual and situational assessment of cognitive load, uncertainty, attention as well as strategies of decision making.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kopp, Technische Fakultät, skopp[at], Universität Bielefeld

T2.2 Human Factors

The Fortschrittskolleg has developed methods that can derive information about stress and irritation of the human user from facial expressions and additional information from the work process.

These methods are to be used and further developed in the Forschungskolleg in order to (1) achieve process analyses and improvements through interaction with the user, (2) create an error orientation for the user, i.e. a constructive handling of errors, and (3) adapt the presentation to the user, for example with regard to preferred modalities. A series of user-specific information is generated which is suitable for enriching the "digital twin".

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Britta Wrede, CITEC, bwrede[at], Universität Bielefeld

The University for the Information Society