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Discrete Mathematics / Graph Theory
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Steffen


G. Mazzuoccolo, E. Steffen, Nowhere-zero 5-flows on cubic graphs with oddness 4, J. Graph Theory 85, 363 – 371 (2017)
M.A. Fiol, G. Mazzuoccolo, E. Steffen, On measures of edge-uncolorability of cubic graphs: A brief survey and some new results (2017) (arXiv: 1702.07156)
S. Bej, E. Steffen, Factors of edge-chromatic critical graphs: a brief survey and some equivalences, Lecture Notes of Seminario Interdisciplinare di Matematica 14 (2017) 37-48
L. Jin, E. Steffen, Petersen cores and the oddness of cubic graphs, J. Graph Theory 84, 109 - 120 (2017)
Y. Kang, E. Steffen, Circular Coloring of signed graphs, J. Graph Theory  early view DOI: 10.1002/jgt.22147 (also on arXiv:1509.04488) 
L. Jin, G. Mazzuocollo, E. Steffen, Cores, joins and the Fano-Flow conjectures to appear in Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory
E. Steffen, Vizing’s independence number conjecture is true asymptotically (2016) submitted (arXiv:1609.00808)
L. Jin, Y. Kang, E. Steffen, Face-degree bounds for planar critical graphs, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 23(3) (2016), #P3.21
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L. Jin, Y. Kang, E. Steffen, Choosability in signed planar graphs, European J. Combinatorics 52, 234-243, (2016)
L. Jin, Y. Kang, E. Steffen, Remarks on planar critical graphs (2016) Discrete Applied Mathematics 200, 200–202, doi:10.1016/j.dam.2015.07.007.
E. Steffen, Intersecting 1-factors and nowhere-zero 5-flows Combinatorica 35, 633-640 (2015)
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E. Steffen, Nearly nowhere-zero r-flow graphs, Discrete Math. 312, 2757-2759 (2012)
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V. Mkrtchyan, E. Steffen, Bricks and conjectures of Berge, Fulkerson and Seymour, arXiv: 1003.5782
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