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Self-, Time- and Project Management

Online Seminar

Course Aim and Format

Ph.D. students need to develop advanced skills to be effective in modern research. In addition, the next career steps normally move participants into leadership positions that re-quire management skills, be it in public research or industry. Polls have shown that while their expert knowledge is usually good, most of them need to improve their competence in communication, teamwork and their capacity to lead a team, understand its group dynamics in order to deliver a successful performance. An important factor in successful coworkers lies in their good project, time and self-management.

AIM – To provide Ph.D. students with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in project, time and self-management. This will enhance their overall effectiveness as they pursue their re-search studies and maximize success of their future careers.

METHOD – A balanced and structured program of interactive lectures, challenging activities outside of the “comfort zone” and review sessions will provide a variety of first-hand learning situations allowing participants to identify and take away relevant lessons (e.g. with Practical Ad-vice Cards). Facilitators are habilitated scientists and successful group leaders in the natural sciences.


Fabian Eidens   SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing"
Even as a PhD student that finishes next year I learnt so much in this seminar and I wish that I had visited it in my first year. You might think that you are not really working in any of the topics, e.g. I'm not involved in project management, but trust me your are. Each of your bigger tasks (e.g. teaching, your next paper, your funding project meeting) is a project in itself and needs proper time management. Or your might feel that you have to juggle to many thinks at once, then book this seminar and learn how to manage yourself and your time. My personal favorite topics in this seminar are: sunken cost fallacy (and how to deal with it), s.m.a.r.t. goals (this guides your thoughts such that you can efficiently define tasks with an appropriate scope), and how to plan your day (60-40 rule).

Britta Hoyer    SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing"
The main message of the course to me was that (almost) everything we do as researchers can be considered as a project and that each of these projects can actually benefit from being properly managed. It simply makes working on your research and teaching a lot more efficient. Especially during 2020 and the time in homeoffice, I’ve benefitted immensely from the techniques we’ve learned in the course to manage our workload, to prioritize tasks and to decide which projects might simply not be worth pursuing anymore. It was one of the courses which enabled you to put some of the tools you’ve learned into action and see a direct benefit for your day-to-day work.

David Niehues   
I took part in the seminar "Project-, Time- and Self-Management" and learned a lot that helped me, in particular with working during the pandemic. I learned a lot about the value of prioritization and how to prioritize based on your individual goals. The tools, such as
SMART goals, PISPAR and the 60-40 rule, and also the materials they provided were very handy and helped me with progressing with research projects and teaching. Since the next iteration of this seminar has recently been announced, I can only recommend you to book it. Don't be discouraged because the seminar will be online. I attended the seminar just after the pandemic began and everybody wasn't that used to online formats and even back then the trainers did a terrific job and I can only imagine they further improved the format over the past year.

Dirk van Straaten   SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing"
It is difficult to keep on track with the PhD, career plans or personal development while being sunk in day-to-day work. I strongly recommend you book this seminar to break out of your work routine and learn great tools and methods helping you to improve managing yourself and your projects!


The University for the Information Society