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Scientific Writing


– To provide natural scientists with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in writing professional and successful research articles.

MODULES (within 2 days)

A) How to write a scientific text (thesis, manuscript, grant application)
   a. Focusing on your central message, identifying a good title
   b. Writing a focused abstract / summary
   c. How to draft an outline, developing an effective first draft
   d. Writing an introduction
   e. Writing the results, the discussion section, materials and methods
   f. Writing a conclusion
   g. Informative tables and figures
   h. Use of numbers and statistics
   i. Selecting a journal for publishing, journal/grant submission checklist
B) How do I read and manage literature? Suggestions from professionals.
C) Real life examples of how to / how not to
   j. improving a text, improving a figure, improving a table


Fabian Eidens   SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing"
You may already know how to write scientific papers, but you can do even better and there is a future where you might end up not writing exclusively for your community. This seminar covers basic rules for writing and presentations, such as signal to noise ratio, but it also gives you tools how to better communicate your message. Personally I improved my communication with my colleagues (via graphical abstracts) and my writing skills through getting to know common pitfalls and hard facts about better writing. A special callout for the "How to title" and "How to tweet" sessions. Very interesting way of selling your whole paper via a title and get more readers via telling a short story on twitter.

The University for the Information Society