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Virtuelle Teamführung & Informationstransfer

Want to turn your online meetings into a memorable experience for your colleagues?
You want maximum interaction and generate positive and meaningful exchange?

From our online training experience we tested and tuned tricks and easy tools. These tools are suitable to harness the creativity of online groups and organize teamwork so that group energy turns into useful and rich output ... also online!

Online teamwork and interaction can be effective, intense and fun. If you are interested in more tools, want to try and experience tools first-hand, join us in our workshop “The Power of Working Online: virtual teamwork and transfer of information”! You will get first-hand experience with the technology, and we will show you our tools to keep online work entertaining and interactive.


  • characteristics of good online interaction
  • challenges and things you would like to change
  • breakout rooms
  • getting information across
  • whiteboards
  • annotation
  • delegating / motivation
  • which one is the best online tool for organizing work and collaborating online
  • google drive
  • voting & wordcloud
  • anonymous feedback with typeform

The University for the Information Society