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ISA Application

Admissions Criteria

  • A Master degree (or diploma) in one of the ISA subjects (mathematics, computer science, information systems and engineering or a related field). 
  • Above average grades for your Master courses.

Students who are admitted to the ISA program, receive a full fellowship. The procedure for requesting a fellowship is integrated in the application procedure.  There are no additional study fees, except for a small enrollment fee. Further details, including information on the cost of living in Paderborn, can be found on the Paderborn University website of the International Office.

Application Procedure

Important information:

Please note that you can edit your application in our system at any time during the online application period. Once you press the submit button at the very end, the application is final and will be considered in the admissions procedure.

You will be asked to upload various documents (e.g. transcripts). These can only be uploaded as PDF files. If you do not have a program for creating PDFs you can download one here.

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