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IRTG "Geometry and Analysis of Symmetries"
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The PhD-Program of the International Research Training Group "Geometry and Analysis of Symmetries" relies on four main structures:

  • Weekly seminars at both universities, in which students, professors and guests discuss their own work.
  • Common seminars, organized in block form, to work through important research papers of common interest.

Two types of regular courses at both universities:

  • A modular sequence of introductory minicourses and advanced courses, which are repeated in a shortened version as an intensive one- or two-week lecture series at the partner university.
  • Specialized mini-courses held by guests.

This teaching concept is underpinned by extensive course material which can be assembled online according to individual needs using a special new mathematical database software.
At present only a German version is available, a trilingual version (English/German/French) is planned.

For further details please refer to: Study Program

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