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Research Training Group "Scientific Computation"
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Amelunxen, DennisGeometric analysis of the condition of the convex feasibility problem (2011)
Dumrauf, DominicOn the hardness of computing local optima (2011)
Hage-Packhäuser, SebastianStructural treatment of time-varying dynamical system networks in the light of hybrid (2012) 
Horenkamp, ChristianEfficient detection of coherent structures in non-autonomous dynamical systems via transfer operator methods (2014)
Krüger, AlexanderModel-based feature enhancement for robust automatic speech recognition in presence of reverberation and background noise (2011)
Mengel, StefanConjunctive queries, arithmetic circuits and counting complexity (2013)
Naewe, StefanieAlgorithms for lattice problems with respect to general norms (2011)

The University for the Information Society