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Research Training Group "Scientific Computation"

Former Members

Science and research, projects and good ideas are always depending on dynamic people. On the following websites you will get some information about the persons forming the DFG Research Training Group Scientific Computation: Application-oriented Modeling and Development of Algorithms:

NameResearch Group
Prof. Dr. Johannes BlömerCodes and Cryptography
Prof. Dr. Peter BürgisserAlgebraic Complexity and Algorithmic Algebra
Prof. Dr. Michael DellnitzApplied Mathematics - Numerical Mathematics and Dynamical Systems
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Häb-UmbachCommunications Engineering
Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide                                           Algorithms and Complexity
Prof. Dr. Burkhard MonienAlgorithms, Architectures, Applications for Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
Graduate Students, Postdocs and Colleagues

Graduate Students

NameResearch Group
Dennis AmelunxenProf. Dr. Bürgisser
Dominic DumraufProf. Dr. Monien
Sebastian Hage-PackhäuserProf. Dr. Dellnitz
Christian HorenkampProf. Dr. Dellnitz
Claudius JähnProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Alexander KrügerProf. Dr. Häb-Umbach
Stefan MengelProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Stefanie NaeweProf. Dr. Blömer


NameE-MailResearch Group
Dr. Mirko Hessel-von Molomirkoh (at) math.uni-paderborn.deProf. Dr. Dellnitz


NameE-MailResearch Group
Jan Mehlerjan.mehler (at) uni-paderborn.deProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide / Jun. Prof. Dr. Christian Sohler
Former Members
NamePositionFormer Research Group
Anne BelknerSecretaryPaSCo GK
Lorant BodisPhD-studentProf. Dr. Monien
Dr. Valentina DamerowPhD-studentProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Laila El Aimani PhD-student                              Prof. Dr. von zur Gathen
Prof. Dr. Fedor V. FominPostdocProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Dr. Gereon FrahlingPhD-studentProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Dr. Bo FuPhD-studentProf. Dr. Wallaschek
Dr. Alessio GagliardiPhD-studentProf. Dr. Frauenheim
David HeringerPhD-studentProf. Dr. Frauenheim
Claudia JakobSecretaryPaSCo GK
Dr. Emanuel JeandelPostdocProf. Dr. Bürgisser
Dr. Peter H. KönigPhD-studentProf. Dr. Frauenheim
Dr. Andreas MeyerPhD-studentProf. Dr. Bürgisser
Dr. Henning Meyerhenke
Prof. Dr. Monien
Morteza MonemizadehPhD-studentProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Dr.-Ing. Sanaz Mostaghim                    PhD-studentProf. Dr.-Ing. Teich
Julia MuñozPhD-studentProf. Dr. von zur Gathen
Dr. Nicolai NeumannColleagueProf. Dr. Wallaschek
Dr. Martin OttoPhD-studentProf. Dr. Blömer
Dr. Kathrin PadbergPostdocProf. Dr. Dellnitz
Dr. Marcus Post
PhD-studentProf. Dr. Dellnitz
Dr. Christoforos RaptopoulosColleagueProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Marc RautenhausPhD-studentProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide
Dr. Thomas SauerwaldPhD-studentProf. Dr. Monien
Dr. Fang WangPhD-studentProf. Dr. Dellnitz
Dr. Stefan WindmannPhD-studentProf. Dr. Häb-Umbach
Dr. Andreas WotzlawPhD-studentProf. Dr. Monien
Dr. Martin ZieglerPostdocProf. Dr. Meyer auf der Heide

Prof. Dr. Michael Dellnitz (Chair)

Dr. Robert Preis (Managing Director) 

Tanja Bürger (Secretary)

Astrid Canisius  (PACE: Admission Office)

The University for the Information Society