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In order to promote the interdisciplinary Ph. D. research projects, the graduate program offers special lectures and courses.

Ph. D. students are obliged to participate in these lectures and courses for at least six hours per week.

This studying program includes the following events:

1.) A general lecture (1 hour per week) that covers the fundamentals of the research training group's activities, in particular in the following areas:

General Lecture I: Fabrication and characterization of micro- and nanostructures
  • I.1. Semiconductor technology and modern nano-structuring (Hilleringmann)
  • I.2. Colloidal crystals for photonics, liquid crystals, and photonic crystals (Greulich-Weber, Huber, Kitzerow, Schmidt)
  • I.3. Computational electrodynamics, metamaterials
    (Schuhmann, Förstner, Meier)
  • I.4. Microscopy, spectroscopy and nano-optics (Sohler, Zrenner, Kitzerow)
General Lecture II:Structure-induced phenomena and their application
  • II.1. Integrated Optics (Sohler)
  • II.2. Optical communications and optical micro sensors (Noé, Hilleringmann)
  • II.3. Quantum structures and microcavities (As, Lischka)
  • II.4. Microscopic modelling and quantum optics (Rauls, Förstner, Meier)

2) Graduate Lecture "Micro- and nanostructures in optoelectronics and photonics" (1 hour per week): Topical research areas will be presented by experts in the respective fields

3) Courses: Depending on the skills and demands of the Ph. D. students, both fundamental courses and introductions to special experimental or theoretical methods will be offered.

4) Ph.D. Round-about: Ph. D. students are encouraged and expected to learn about the techniques of fabrication and characterization of micro- and nanostructures in optoelectronics and photonics by visiting other working groups (in Paderborn or abroad).

5) Workshops: In an annual conference, international experts will report about a topical research area. The Ph. D. students are encouraged to select the respective topic and to suggest experts to be invited.

6) Annual Meeting: Once a year, all participants of the graduate program and their supervisors will meet, Ph. D. students will report about the status of their Ph. D. work and perspectives for the general research program will be discussed.

7) Soft Skill Training: Short courses for soft skill training will be offered (preferentially during the annual meeting).

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