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IRTG "Geometry and Analysis of Symmetries"
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Summerschool on Hall algebras, loop algebras and weighted projective lines

Bad Driburg, 31 August - 04 September 2009

Organizers: Karsten Dietrich, Claudia Köhler and Marcel Wiedemann
Supported by: "International Research Training Group: Geometry and Analysis of Symmetries"

The Summerschool

The Summerschool is intended for Ph.D. students and (early) postdocs.

The aim of this summer school is to understand and explore some of the modern techniques used in the study of coherent sheaves over weighted projective lines (in the sense of Geigle and Lenzing). In particular we will cover the associated Lie algebras, which are loop algebras of Kac-Moody Lie algebras, and a construction due to Peng and Xiao of Lie algebras from certain triangulated categories using Hall algebra methods. At the end we will combine these ideas and cover the proof by W. Crawley-Boevey of an analogue of Kac's Theorem for weighted projective lines. In addition, there will a couple of overview talks shedding light on further developments and applications of certain concepts.

 The Summerschool will follow the tradition of previous spring/summerschools in representation theory. Every participant chooses a subject of the program (see below) and gives a talk.The typical participant will not be an expert in the subject, but working in one of the fields indicated above and interested in jointly learning a new subject. There will be no special prerequisities except for standard knowledge in representation theory, but participants are expected to prepare themselves and their talks in advance. It is recommended that this is done in small groups; in particular, the talks could/should be subdivided into smaller parts.

 At the end of the week, there will be invited lectures by Helmut Lenzing.


The program (including references) can be found here.


Xiao-Wu ChenPaderbornxwchen at
Karsten DietrichPaderbornkarsten.dietrich at
Thilo HenrichBonnhenrich at
Martin KalckBonnkalck at
Claudia KöhlerPaderbornclaudia.koehler at
Dirk KussinBielefelddirk at
Jue LePaderbornjuele at
Nicolas PoetteringBonnn.poettering at
Julia SauterLeedsjsauter at
Matthias WarkentinChemnitzmatthiaswarkentin at
Thorsten WeistWuppertalweist at
Marcel WiedemannPaderbornmarcel.wiedemann at
Fan XuBielefeldfanxu200807 at
Lingling YaoBielefeldlinglingyao at
Guodong ZhouColognegzhou at


The schedule can be found here.


Notes of the Summerschool (taken by Claudia Köhler).


Due to the restrictions of the location, the number of participants is strictly limited to 20.

Accommodation and full boarding will be covered by the Graduiertenkolleg "IRTG - Geometry and Analysis of Symmetries".  However, travel expenses can not be covered.

If you would care to participate in the Summerschool, please send an email to Claudia Köhler, indicating which topic you are willing to give a talk about.

The deadline for registration is 30.06.2009.

Bad Driburg

Travel information: The location "Waldcafe Jäger", Waldstraße 1, 33014 Bad Driburg, is in walking distance from the station of Bad Driburg.

There is an hourly train service from Paderborn to Bad Driburg. 

Those who don't like to walk may take a taxi (phone: 05253 6776 or 05253 2242) or contact one of the organizers.

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